Barefoot shoes ORIK 2.0 Burgundy-White

ok_yes_icon new generation of our ORIK resembling the legendary high-top converse

ok_yes_icon original barefoot design featuring the rubber toe cap

ok_yes_icon available in two widths – standard and wide “w”

ok_yes_icon solid hemp canvas upper

ok_yes_icon light and breathable

ok_yes_icon thin and flexible natural rubber sole

ok_yes_icon ethical and environmentally friendly production

ok_yes_icon made in the EU

ok_yes_icon PETA-Approved Vegan certified

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Category: Barefoot
Colour: Bordo

The second improved edition of the ORIK barefoots, ankle high sneakers that took inspiration from the legendary Chuck Taylor's design. Your feet will be comfortable while maintaining your style, which is a unique combination you won't find anywhere else on the market.

You can choose from two widths – standard and wide (“w”), see details in size guide. 

This model meets all barefoot footwear standards – they have plenty of room for the toes, flexible and thin soles, and are lightweight. 

PETA-certified vegan product with a 100% hemp canvas upper and natural rubber outsole. 


Hemp canvas is durable, breathable, antimicrobial and wicks moisture. 

Hemp is the world’s strongest natural fiber with amazing tear- and tensile-strength. 

Ethically & ecologically made by hand in Europe. 


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M Avatar of author | 19.3.2022
I'm honestly in love. My feet are so wide that even other barefoot brands are tight and leave me waiting to rip them off, but these in my usual length and the extra width (so 42W) are actually perfect. I love the style as I have always struggled to wear Chucks but love the look, and the rubber toe is also great for function in the UK as it adds a smidge of water resistance if I get caught in the rain. These are genuinely, no exaggeration, my favourite shoes I've ever worn. The only time I switch them are when I'm hiking or need something 100% waterproof. Please never stop making these - I'd be completely devastated. Looking forward to adding a black and white pair to my collection too.