How to choose the right shoe size?  

1️⃣ Stand barefoot on the paper and draw your foot. 

2️⃣ Draw the foot as close as possible to its actual size and measure the longest part (from heel to toe). 

3️⃣ You will then find your sizes in millimeters in our size guard HERE.

>> When drawing, it is important you to stand full-weight on the paper, stand straight, and do not move the paper. 

>> CAUTION: In general, it is better to measure the foot in the evening than in the morning (because the foot is slightly larger in the evening). 


How to choose the right size of t-shirt?  

You can easily choose your size thanks to our size guide. You just have to measure your size. 

Although Bohempia follows European standards, our sizes seem to be bigger than usual for other clothing companies. 


For whom are barefoot shoes suitable? 

Barefoot shoes are suitable for almost anyone who is interested in a healthier walking and lifestyle. They are also suitable for people with various orthopedic defects which can be solved thanks to it. 


How to switch classic shoes to barefoot shoes?

In cooperation with a physiotherapist, we have prepared an educational series of articles and videos with explanation : 

✅ How to choose barefoot shoes.  

✅ How to walk in them.  

✅ What gait defects barefoot shoes can help you with.  

ℹ️ Articles and videos can be found HERE

For any new barefoot user, we have created a "Getting Started with Barefoot Shoes" booklet to give you some basic tips to get you started. Just order the booklet for free HERE


How long does it take to transition to barefoot?  

The transition to barefoot is a roughly two-month process of changing the way you walk and your posture. However, this time may vary from person to person.   

ℹ️ If you want to know more about transitioning to barefoot, check out the Bohempia Barefoot Academy HERE.  


The barefoot insoles are not permanently attached. Why?

Some of our customers like to remove the insoles for a greater barefoot feeling, for example while taking a walk in the woods, but they can put them back in when walking on the hard city concrete. If you are not planning on removing them, you can simply glue them in, so they will stay on their place under any circumstances. 


Where are the items manufactured?  

We manufacture our clothing and accessories in the Czech Republic. Barefoot shoes production is located in Romania. 

No matter where we manufacture our products: We always ensure that the entire production process is ethical and as environmentally friendly as possible.  


Why do you manufacture shoes in Romania and not in the Czech Republic?  

We chose to manufacture in Romania because the local factory better meets all our technological and professional requirements. At the same time, Romania is relatively close, so we can be in regular contact. And we can also make sure that our shoes are produced under safe and fair conditions.


How to care for hemp shoes?   

A dry brush or a wet cloth is all you need for hemp shoes. Alternatively, you can use an eco-friendly powder for gentle washing and again a cloth or sponge.  

We recommend hand cleaning only. It is definitely not advisable to wash the shoes in a washing machine - this, in combination with hot water and powder, could damage the construction of the shoe and the connection between the fabric and the sole.  

The shoes can also be impregnated to repel water, keep them cleaner for longer and make them easier to maintain overall. Commercially available spray products are sufficient for impregnation.  


How to care for Ultrasuede® shoes?  

It is best to clean Ultrasuede shoes with a soft brush or special eraser. Brush the Ultrasuede gently! It is advisable to clean the sole with a damp cloth.  

Spray impregnation products are suitable for treatment. Recycled suede should never be creamed.  


How to care for hemp clothing?   

Hemp clothing can be washed on a conventional programme with normal detergents at 40 °C. The cloth can be washed up to 90 °C.   

⛔️ Avoid the dryer.  

You can only iron on the first setting at most.  


Why have white marks appeared on the soles of my shoes? 

The soles of our shoes are made of natural rubber, which work constantly and can create these white marks in specific conditions. It is only a cosmetic matter and it has no effect on the functionality of the shoe itself. 

SOLUTION: Don't worry, the white markings can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol. Apply it on a cloth, wipe the white parts off the shoes, and they will be like new again. 


Where does your hemp come from? 

The cottonized hemp fibre for t-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear etc. is from France.  

100% hemp yarn for shoes is from Romania.  


Are the products 100 % made from hemp?  

>> The shoes have 100 % hemp upper fabric, the laces are cotton and the sole is made of natural rubber.  

>> The clothing is made from our unique blend of hemp (represented as much as possible) and cotton (mainly for comfort and softness of the fiber).  

>> Some of our products also contain Ultrasuede® vegan microfiber suede from Japanese company TORAY. It is made from recycled polyester, i.e. recycled PET bottles, and can then be further recycled. It is one of the most environmentally friendly leather substitutes.❤️


Are all your products vegan?   

YES, all our products are 100% vegan✅ We have an internationally recognized PETA vegan certificate.


How is hemp clothing functionally different from cotton clothing?  

It is mainly different in its function:  

>> Thermoregulation: will cool you down in summer, warm you up in winter.  

>> High absorbency: dries faster and makes you sweat less.  

>> Antimicrobiality: prevents the formation of microorganisms and thus prevents unpleasant odours. 


Do you deliver orders worlwide?  

YES, we do✅ And what's more, we guarantee FREE shipping on orders within the EU over 150€. 

ℹ️ Find out more HERE.  


What if your item doesn't fit me? Can I return it?  

Yes, of course you can exchange our goods for another or return them completely✅  

ℹ️ Find out more HERE.  


How do I go about returning your goods?

To make a claim, you need to fill in the form and send it together with the goods to our address. If you are not sure if your goods can be claimed, please send us photos. You can find out more about claims HERE.  


How can I get a voucher? Can I only get it electronically?


You don't have to wait for it to arrive printed in the post. If you write in the order note that you want a voucher in the mail, we will send it to you immediately.   


What does "standard" and "wide" mean for barefoot models?  

The "standard" sizes are the normal dress sizes.   

The "wide" size is the extended version.  

ℹ️ See the size guide HERE to find out more.  


Can I order replacement insoles for my shoes?

We have designed our insoles particularly for our BOHEMPIA® barefoot shoes models. You can find them in all our barefoot shoes. They are also available to buy separately✅   

>> Insoles can be found HERE.  


How thick is the sole of your barefoot shoes?

It is better to ask “how thin it is”. It's only 4 mm.   


Can I try your shoes on somewhere else than in Prague?

We only have a shop in Prague.   

But if you are not sure about your size, check our size chart HERE.