How do I initiate a warranty claim?

To initiate a warranty claim, send us a Warranty claim form via reklamace@bohempia.com and please, include some photos of the damaged area. We will let you know how to proceed.

Download form HERE


Rules for use and care of shoes

  • When making your selection, you should carefully consider the purpose for which the footwear will be used. Footwear should be used in a manner and environment appropriate to its purpose.
  • For footwear, carefully select the correct size and the best fit. Improperly chosen footwear type, size, width or shape cannot be the basis for a later claim.
  • Try the footwear on carefully when purchasing.
  • Shoes should be changed frequently, especially in inclement weather.
  • A shoehorn should be used when putting on shoes, especially closed-cut shoes.
  • Textile and recycled suede footwear with ready-made stitching is not waterproof. Waterproofing can be increased by using suitable waterproofing products for footwear.
  • Drenched footwear must not be dried in direct contact or in the immediate vicinity of heat sources.
  • Please note that daily wear naturally reduces the life of the footwear. The warranty period of the footwear should not be confused with the lifetime of the footwear. Due to the different intensity of use of footwear by different consumers, the life of the footwear may be exhausted before the warranty period expires.
  • No footwear may be machine washed.
  • Footwear must be protected from chemical attack and wetting.

Report a complaint as soon as a defect occurs!

Do not put it off until later, the fault could cause further damage to the shoe that cannot be claimed, e.g. a cracked sole forces a different way of walking when the sole comes off. And a trampled (worn down by inappropriate walking) sole is not grounds for a claim. 

Who pays the postage costs for the claim?

 We will first assess the complaint based on the email communication and agree with you on the further procedure. However, we will pay the postage for the claim if the defect is demonstrably our fault.


What goods will not be accepted for return

Shoes with a worn out (worn down by improper walking) sole.
Goods obviously overused and inappropriately used.