Barefoot shoes ORIK 2.0 Black-Black

Meet ORIK 2.0 - a new, improved generation of high ankle barefoot sneakers that took inspiration from the iconic converse design. Your feet will be comfortable while maintaining your style, which is a unique combination you won't find anywhere else on the market. Solid hemp canvas upper and 4 mm thin, natural rubber outsole. Original lace-up barefoot design featuring the rubber toe cap. Made in EU from sustainable vegan materials. A trendy must-have for everyone's wardrobe!

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Barefoot shoes ORIK 2.0 Black-Black

Product detailed description

PETA-certified vegan barefoot shoes with a 100% hemp canvas upper, natural 4 mm thin rubber outsole and removable 4 mm thin insole. It supports good posture and absorbs shock with every step.

Hemp canvas is durable, breathable, antimicrobial and wicks moisture. Hemp is the world’s strongest natural fiber with amazing tear- and tensile-strength. 

These comfortable lace-up sneakers meet all the characteristics of a barefoot shoe: it is fully flexible, light, has a very thin sole with zero heel rise, and plenty of room for your toes. Available in two widths: regular and wide (marked "w" when choosing the size).

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  • Unisex high ankle barefoot sneakers
  • 100% hemp canvas upper
  • 4 mm thin, flexible natural rubber sole
  • Removable 4 mm thin insole made of foam latex
  • Light and breathable
  • Made from renewable natural materials
  • PETA-Approved Vegan certified
  • Ethically & ecologically made by hand in Europe


Shoe care

Before wearing your new barefoot shoes for the first time, we recommend using a waterproof spray, such as Natural Protector Pedag from our range, which will ensure the shoes are protected from the elements such as water, dirt or salt. By regularly applying a waterproof spray, the surface of the shoe will become waterproof, retain its colour and extend the life of the shoe. After applying the spray, allow the shoes to dry sufficiently, do not place them near direct heat sources and do not wash them in a washing machine. For more information on maintaining your barefoot shoes, click here.

Clean worn (used) shoes first before applying waterproof spray. We recommend cleaning the surface of your shoes with a soft brush or damp cloth. You can use our eco-friendly Pedag Cleansing Booster. It thoroughly removes stains and dirt from all materials and prepares the footwear for subsequent care. It even removes salt stains without much effort.

Give your shoes the care they need with our recommended shoe care products here.


Additional parameters

Category: Barefoot shoes
Colour: Black
Upper: 100% hemp
Lining: Cotton
Sole: 4 mm, natural rubber
Insole: 4 mm, removable
Width: Barefoot "Regular", barefoot "Wide" (W)
Height: High-top
Season: Spring, autumn
Water repellency: After waterproofing
Guarantee: 2 years
Made in: EU
Kategorie1: Barefoot
Kategorie2: High Top
Model: ORIK 2.0
Barva: Black-Black
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NO Avatar of author | 27/05/2024
I returned my order (i ordered several pairs and styles) because i need to say, that i was not happy with the quality. At several shoes i could see the glue between sole and fabric. Sorry for this feedback - but its honest. Have a great day nele
SD Avatar of author | 30/04/2024
I received those beauties 2 weeks ago. I wore them almost every day since I got them. It's comfortable and the design is the best I've seen since I wear barefoot shoes. I used to wear Vans before transitioning and Bohempia are more than perfect to replace them.
DL Avatar of author | 10/11/2023
Top knotch is an under statement. Best minimalist shoes that I've come across I went with my size in birkinstock / wide and fit nicely with sox of course purchased the new version liked so much purchased the older versions without side eye let vent holes as fall winter shoe. Wonderful Wonderful . The boxers are also a solid quality product. I don't agree with the tag placement or reason for a tag in under wear anymore they definitely are not break away tags but If can manage a needle and thread they are tolerable had they told me the tag was in the center of the middle of the Crack I my have passed when you purchase multiple pairs it takes time to repair the tag irritation.
WP Avatar of author | 08/11/2023
I love these shoes! People mistake them for Converse all the time, lol.
LC Avatar of author | 04/11/2023
Perfectas! Muy buena calidad y comodidad absoluta para los pies. Envío rápido y cuidado al detalle.
R Avatar of author | 22/09/2023
This is a great product! My female feet are long and not so wide/thick so I can fit easily an extra sock in a shoe of my regular size to keep my toes wiggly and warm even in the chill autumn days in Finland 🍂
MM Avatar of author | 15/07/2023
What a great shoe!!! Love the wiggle room fir my toes and the overall comfort
AV Avatar of author | 25/06/2023
I got the wide version and I'm super satisfied. The shoes are fantastic, extremely comfortable. Thank you!
SM Avatar of author | 16/06/2022
Initial impressions: these are just great, just what I've been looking for for ~10 years. Classic simple, clean and utilitarian design. Lightweight construction, very breathable. And the wide fit is really wide as it should be, just what my Donald Duck feet need! I usually wear a 43 and these in 43 fit me just perfectly. Time will tell how these hold up but for now I am super happy!

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