Barefoot shoes FELIX White-Tan

Still looking for the right stylish barefoot shoes that don't make your feet look awkwardly wide? Then you haven't met our unisex barefoot sneakers FELIX yet! Thanks to the signature T-toe detail, they break prejudice about the somewhat ugly shape of barefoot shoes. FELIX vegan sneakers are made of hemp canvas, thanks to which they are breathable, highly absorbent and antimicrobial. A 5 mm thin, flexible sole is made of natural rubber, making the shoe perfectly sustainableFELIX lace up sneakers are a great way to bring the benefits of barefoot shoes into your daily life, without sacrificing on style.

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Barefoot shoes FELIX White-Tan

Product detailed description

FELIX vegan unisex sneakers are made of hemp canvas, thanks to which they are breathable, highly absorbent and also antimicrobial. The hemp canvas from which the sneakers are made is natural, sustainable and ecological. It can naturally carry off moisture and is also odor resistant. It is the strongest natural fabric, so it gives the sneakers durability and longevity. And did you know that hemp saves water? During its growth and processing, it uses only 1/20 the amount of water than standard cotton. 

The stylish FELIX sneakers have all the advantages of barefoot shoes - they are fully flexible and light, have a thin slip sole with zero heel rise and enough room for your toes.

The shoes come in two widths, Regular & Wide ("Wide" marked "w" when selecting the size). Choose "wide" if you have extra wide feet. For more information, please see our size guide here.

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Shoe care:

It is always good to impregnate the shoes before wearing them for the first time. The impregnation liquid is absorbed into the shoe, making its surface resistant to the external environment, preserving the color and extending the life of the shoe. Impregnation prevents not only moisture, but also penetration of dirt.To ensure water resistance, we strongly recommend impregnating the footwear properly and regularly with common impregnation products. Before impregnation, remove dirt and dust from the shoes and let them dry completely.

We recommend cleaning your shoes with a soft brush or damp cloth. Allow the shoes to dry sufficiently before putting them on. Do not place your shoes near direct heat sources. Do not wash in the washing machine. Colors may fade over time.

Give your shoes the care they need with our recommended shoe care products here.



Additional parameters

Category: Barefoot shoes
Colour: White, Natural
Shoe height: Low-top
Width: Barefoot "Regular", barefoot "Wide" (W)
Insulated: No
Upper: Made from 100% natural hemp canvas. Signature suede t-toe detail made from Italian vegan leather.
Gender: Unisex
Sole: 5 mm thin, flexible natural rubber sole.
Insole: Removable, 4-mm thin foam latex insole for all-day comfort., Cotton
Model: Unisex vegan barefoot sneakers.
Period: Spring, Summer, Autumn
Handmade: Yes
Production: Made in a family factory which meets high European standards, using 100% solar energy.
Repellency: Yes, wather repellency after impregnation.
Certificate: PETA - Vegan Certificate
Type: Walking
Kategorie1: Barefoot
Kategorie2: Low Top
Model: FELIX
Barva: White-Tan Off

Barefoot shoes FELIX White-Tan Off

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VK Avatar of author | 7.8.2023
These shoes look and fit perfect. Delivery was very fast. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and will be ordering more!
N Avatar of author | 17.7.2023
I bought the wide "w" version of the shoe. They are the best barefoot shoes i've tried, and I have tried many of the biggest brands. Quality is good. The insole could have been thinner but it's removable. A cork insole would be brtter and give off a better quality. Also the price: it is not cheap, the shoe is worth the money but to not pay the delivery you must go over the 150€, and to do so a smart way is to buy a gadget, which honestly are not worth the money asked. Anyway good product.
LH Avatar of author | 5.7.2023
Amazing!! Very satisfied. Just the insoles could be thiner.

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