Barefoot shoes FELIX White-Tan

Still looking for the right stylish barefoot shoes that don't make your feet look awkwardly wide? Then you haven't met our unisex barefoot sneakers FELIX yet! Thanks to the signature T-toe detail, they break prejudice about the somewhat ugly shape of barefoot shoes. FELIX vegan sneakers are made of hemp canvas, thanks to which they are breathable, highly absorbent and antimicrobial. A 4 mm thin, flexible sole is made of natural rubber, making the shoe perfectly sustainableFELIX lace up sneakers are a great way to bring the benefits of barefoot shoes into your daily life, without sacrificing on style.

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Barefoot shoes FELIX White-Tan

Product detailed description

FELIX vegan unisex sneakers are made of hemp canvas, thanks to which they are breathable, highly absorbent and also antimicrobial. The hemp canvas from which the sneakers are made is natural, sustainable and ecological. It can naturally carry off moisture and is also odor resistant. It is the strongest natural fabric, so it gives the sneakers durability and longevity. And did you know that hemp saves water? During its growth and processing, it uses only 1/20 the amount of water than standard cotton. 

The stylish FELIX sneakers have all the advantages of barefoot shoes - they are fully flexible and light, have a thin slip sole with zero heel rise and enough room for your toes.

The shoes come in two widths, Regular & Wide ("Wide" marked "w" when selecting the size). Choose "wide" if you have extra wide feet. For more information, please see our size guide here.

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Shoe care

Before wearing your new barefoot shoes for the first time, we recommend using a waterproof spray, such as Natural Protector Pedag from our range, which will ensure the shoes are protected from the elements such as water, dirt or salt. By regularly applying a waterproof spray, the surface of the shoe will become waterproof, retain its colour and extend the life of the shoe. After applying the spray, allow the shoes to dry sufficiently, do not place them near direct heat sources and do not wash them in a washing machine. For more information on maintaining your barefoot shoes, click here.

Clean worn (used) shoes first before applying waterproof spray. We recommend cleaning the surface of your shoes with a soft brush or damp cloth. You can use our eco-friendly Pedag Cleansing Booster. It thoroughly removes stains and dirt from all materials and prepares the footwear for subsequent care. It even removes salt stains without much effort.

Give your shoes the care they need with our recommended shoe care products here.



Additional parameters

Category: Barefoot shoes
Colour: White
Lining: Cotton
Sole: 4 mm, natural rubber
Insole: 4 mm, removable
Width: Barefoot "Regular", barefoot "Wide" (W)
Height: Low-top
Season: Spring, summer, autumn
Water repellency: After waterproofing
Guarantee: 2 years
Made in: EU
Kategorie1: Barefoot
Kategorie2: Low Top
Model: FELIX
Barva: White-Tan Off

Barefoot shoes FELIX White-Tan Off

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A Avatar of author | 27/04/2024
This was my second pair of barefoot shoes and the first one from this brand. Though it's a little pricey for me, I think I will never buy any "normal" sneakers ever again. I have a bunion on my right leg which hurts from almost every regular pair of shoes that I own no matter how roomy it is. I was looking for something not only with the space for my toes, but good looking also. My skin is really sensitive so I had to break the heals a little bit and within a week it softened. I was so comfortable in those sneakers that I didn't wanted to change them on anything else besides my other barefoot boots that I use primarily when it's rainy or for walking my dog. My "bunion" finger took some rest and started to "crack" which is a good sign meaning the joint pressure lowered and movement increased. So I ended up ordering another pair from this brand within 10 days. My feet are 24,5 cm, not wide, the second toe is the longest one, I’m 36 and I weight 53 kg. I ordered size 39 according to the info from the website (I almost sized up). Keep in mind the sneakers also have some inner space outside the insole. For me size 39 is a little bit to long on my taste. But I enjoy the feeling of walking in those very much, because it really feels like you are barefoot but protected. The insole has a little bit of cushioning, that works for me.

The second pair that I ordered is Kolda 2.0 in size 38. I still have some space ahead my toes and definitely some room to spread them! But I would love to have the middle size, like 38,5. The seam in this model is pressuring on my bunion a little bit, so I will either have to break it which I am sure will not be the problem with hemp material, either I will ask my local shoemaker to soften the seam using the special hammer they have. Hope this review helps to every person who is suffering from bunion pain, I feel you, you will get better, I promise. Hugs.
KL Avatar of author | 17/04/2024
Design is amazing! I just love how all Bohempia shoes looks like. White strings would be awesome on theses shoes. They have beigeish color. My issue with these shoes have been how to find the correct size for me because I haven't been able to rely on sizechart. Shoes have been smaller and then bigger than in chart. Sending shoes back and forth have been not so good, as it's expensive and takes time.
DB Avatar of author | 14/03/2024
What I really love about this brand is that they offer their shoes in two widths, making them more accessible to different foot shapes. This is my second pair of Bohempia and the model Felix is very versatile and I really like the design.
BS Avatar of author | 13/03/2024
Muy satisfecha, súper contenta
MH Avatar of author | 11/03/2024
I bought these for my partner and he loves them! They're the perfect shoe for work, traveling and weekend strolls. I bought him the wide version thinking he would need it, but his feet are still pretty narrow after years of restricted footwear.
AE Avatar of author | 05/03/2024
Stylish, good quality, comfy tho the sole could be softer /more flexible, size is a bit bigger than labeled
SD Avatar of author | 17/01/2024
I am new to barefoot shoes, but wonder why it took me so long! I really like the styling of these shoes and they are so comfortable! Sizing was accurate, shipping was fast. I can’t wait to wear them more when the weather warms up.
SM Avatar of author | 13/12/2023
I love these shoes. They’re very cute and most importantly, comfy. This is my 3rd pair of shoes from Bohempia and I am pleased with each one! Definitely my favorite barefoot brand because they are the closest to my traditional sneakers that I can no longer wear. Shipping is fast to Tx and customer service was great! I got the shoe spray as well. Sizing was accurate, Definitely recommend!
VK Avatar of author | 07/08/2023
These shoes look and fit perfect. Delivery was very fast. Overall, I am very happy with this purchase and will be ordering more!
N Avatar of author | 17/07/2023
I bought the wide "w" version of the shoe. They are the best barefoot shoes i've tried, and I have tried many of the biggest brands. Quality is good. The insole could have been thinner but it's removable. A cork insole would be brtter and give off a better quality. Also the price: it is not cheap, the shoe is worth the money but to not pay the delivery you must go over the 150€, and to do so a smart way is to buy a gadget, which honestly are not worth the money asked. Anyway good product.
LH Avatar of author | 05/07/2023
Amazing!! Very satisfied. Just the insoles could be thiner.

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