Barefoot Starter Pack – FREE brochure

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Barefoot Starter Pack – FREE brochure

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We joined forces with our favorite physiotherapist Lucie and created “Four basic steps for proper barefoot walking”. This brochure will guide you through the first two months with your new shoes, which are the most important when you're switching from regular shoes to barefoot. In this booklet, you will gain an important foundation for learning what is most important for proper healthy walking. 

If you want to find out even more about barefoot, have a look at our Bohempia Barefoot Academy. Here you will find educational videos and articles, thanks to which you will get to know this trend of healthy walking in depth and properly. 

Note: We add a maximum of 1 brochure to each pair of barefoot shoes purchased. We do not pack it with the shoes automatically, it is necessary to add it to the basket so it will be credited to your invoice.