Barefoot shoes OLEN Charcoal-Black

Are you a fan of over the ankle sneakers? You will love the winter barefoot version OLEN. Featuring vegan fur lining that keeps you warm in autumn and winter, thin natural rubber sole and a wide toe box. The upper is made of recycled vegan Ultrasuede®, one of the most sustainable and durable materials on the market. The sole is non-slip and fully flexible. Zipper fastening makes putting OLEN on a real breeze.

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Barefoot shoes OLEN Charcoal-Black

Product detailed description

Discover our iconic OLEN model, unisex barefoot shoes that took inspiration from the legendary high Converse! The zipper on the side of the shoe makes it easy to put on and take off without bothering with the laces. OLEN, comfortable and warm barefoot boots, your ideal choice for autumn, winter and early spring!

The upper of the shoe is made of Ultrasuede®. Highly innovative material developed by the Japanese manufacturer TORAY. Produced using ultra-fine fibers made from recycled polyester collected from recycled plastic bottles. One of the best quality leather alternatives offering soft touch, breathability and superior durability. Our barefoot shoes and sustainability go hand in hand!

OLEN meets all the characteristics of a barefoot shoe: it is fully flexible, light, has a very thin sole with zero heel rise, and plenty of room for your toes. The model is available in two widths: regular and wide (marked "w" when choosing the size).

The shoe is designed and produced in the EU under fair working conditions using sustainable materials.


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Shoe care:

It's always a good idea to impregnate shoes before you wear them for the first time. The impregnating material is absorbed into the footwear, making its surface resistant to the external environment, preserving the colour and prolonging the durability of the shoe. Not only moisture, but also the penetration of dirt is prevented.

To ensure water resistance, we highly recommend to impregnate the shoes properly and regularly with common impregnation agents. Before impregnation, remove dirt and dust from your shoes and let them dry completely. This footwear model is meant to be worn in mild rainfall and light snowfall. It is not fully waterproof, therefore not suitable for particularly wet rainy days.

We recommend cleaning with a soft brush or a damp cloth. Allow the shoes to dry sufficiently after wearing. Do not place near direct heat sources. Do not machine wash.

Additional parameters

Category: Barefoot shoes
Colour: Black
Upper: Vegan suede
Lining: Vegan fur
Sole: 4 mm, natural rubber
Insole: 4 mm, removable
Width: Barefoot "Regular", barefoot "Wide" (W)
Height: High-top
Season: Spring, autumn, winter
Water repellency: After impregnation
Guarantee: 2 years
Made in: EU
Kategorie1: Barefoot
Kategorie2: High Top
Model: OLEN
Barva: Black
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DK Avatar of author | 9.12.2023
I've been getting barefoot-style shoes to try and find comfort for my bunion-y feet; however, I have found it difficult to find attractive, stylish shoes that have a wide toe box. I used to wear a pair of canvas Doc Martens almost every day and was devastated that the narrow toe box was hurting my toes and worsening my bunion. I was apprehensive, but these shoes arrived and not only are attractive but are so comfortable for my feet. I do wear custom orthotics with the shoes, which fit perfectly in these. Finally, a stylish option for someone who wants good foot health!
JD Avatar of author | 6.12.2023
Now my feets are hole Life i'm looking for Shows in very wide..but all the stuff you should put into feets are Not i'll, they have a normal Figuren,but WE need all a little Bit more place in Shows. Now my knees doesent hurt,my back and my hips it is all in the correct Line... Im so thankful...
GZ Avatar of author | 29.11.2023
Great product

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