BHMP Barefoot Academy

We believe that almost everyone can wear barefoots. That is why we partnered with the physiotherapist and yoga instructor master of science Lucie Kropackova, to give you reliable answers to the most important questions around barefoot shoes. Welcome to Bohempia Barefoot Academy! 

What is barefoot?

Feet, a unique tool for walking on two limbs only available to humans. Why are feet now at the forefront of interest and more and more people care about healthy footwear? What is healthy for our feet and how to accommodate their needs? More information available here.

2. The right barefoot shoe

Barefoot footwear is on the rise. However, not everything labeled “barefoot” corresponds with the original idea behind it. How to know which barefoots to choose and what to watch out for? How to find out if the shoes really fit our feet? More information available here.

3. How to choose barefoot footwear?

Behind the unusual look of all barefoots there is the fundamental idea not to restrict our feet. Conventional footwear does not adapt to our feet and restricts movement. Barefoot shoes on the other hand fit around our feet and do not change their shape. How to choose well-fitting barefoots to free our feet? More information available here.

4. How to manage the transition to barefoots?

Switching to barefoots in adulthood is not an effortless process. But by careful and gradual loading with respect to one’s body and its signals, the process can be harmless. How to proceed and what to keep in mind so that we do not harm ourselves? How to read the signals of our body, recognize the serious ones and react to them? More information available here.

5. How to walk in barefoots?

The wide offer of barefoots and growing awareness around them favour the return to natural movement. But how to go back to a natural way of walking after years of forcing our feet to work differently? What to watch out for and how not to harm yourself during the process? More information available here.