The benefits of wearing barefoot shoes

The benefits of wearing barefoot shoes



Barefoot walking is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder! Barefoot shoes respect the shape of your feet, allowing for the use of all the muscles and functions to reach their full potential. Proper foot function is the basis for proper posture, which can help address the many issues that today's generation very often faces.


What can barefoots help you with? 


 A more natural way of walking 

Thanks to barefoots, our feet can function in their naturally intended manner, even while wearing the shoe. Our feet were not meant to endure the hard soles that are commonly used in conventional footwear. They can cause stiffness in the feet, which often leads to foot deformities or health problems. Barefoot shoes respect the shape of your foot, allowing for the full intended functionality of walking. This means that, while wearing barefoots, we can accurately evaluate our terrain in order to adjust our posture correctly (and, more importantly, naturally). Thanks to barefoot shoes, we’re returning to the basic adjustments of our feet and entire body. 


A healthier way of walking 

As we’ve already indicated, barefoot walking is becoming a synonym for healthy walking. Simply put, it actually imitates walking barefoot, which is very beneficial to our general health. Thanks to the natural strengthening of the muscles in the foot, we can prevent deformities and develop better posture. Many people use barefoot walking as a physiotherapeutic method called acupressure. When pressure is applied to specific reflex points in the feet, we can release muscle tension and alleviate stress. So, barefoot shoes will win time and again over conventional footwear, where multifunctionality is concerned. 


The end of foot deformities  

Today, a large part of the population suffers from deformed and sore feet. And it’s no surprise, when, from an early age, we’re often cramming them into unsuitable shoes; shoes of various shapes, thicknesses, shoes with narrow toes, low insteps, and who knows what else? Our feet get a beating and lose their natural function. It's a shame, because most people are born with healthy feet and posture. But don't despair—with the help of barefoots, these foot deformities can be partially or even completely remedied. It just takes patience and endurance.


 Treating flat feet 

You may be wondering how it’s possible to treat flat feet when you’ve already tried a bunch of methods and nothing seems to help. Give barefoot walking a try—by its very nature, it "wakes up" the weak muscles in the foot and returns it to its natural position. By simply changing shoes and your manner of walking, you can remedy flat feet in a relatively short amount of time.


The end of back and foot pain

You may already know that together with proper posture and strengthening of the muscles in the feet, various pains are quite likely to disappear. Pain is an alert that something’s not right with the body. So, when you strengthen your feet and straighten your posture, you can alleviate the pain in your hips, cervical spine, your feet, and your legs.


 Relief from narrow “normal” shoes 

In addition to the health benefits we’ve already mentioned, barefoots will mainly bring relief to your feet. Often, shoes grip the foot in a way that causes deformations and pain in the feet. Barefoot shoes have enough space for your toes and the whole foot; they leave the foot in its natural position without any feelings of tightness around the foot. Simply put, you’ll see that after the first few months of wearing them and training your foot muscles, barefoots will be the most comfortable thing you can put on your feet.


To wrap things up, we’ve got an anecdote from one of our customers, to show you that little miracles are truly possible with a change of footwear. He recently entered the world of barefoots and has quickly become a barefoot enthusiast:


“I originally bought a pair of barefoots to wear at the gym for Tai chi, because a physiotherapist friend of mine has them. Over Easter, I wore them on a walk in the woods and was completely captivated by how I felt. Within a week I had a second pair of barefoots to use for outdoor walking and, since then, I’ve been wearing barefoots almost exclusively. As a big bonus, I appreciate that, after long-term suffering of sunken transverse arches in both my feet, I’m no longer feeling that pain. And that’s just from walking in my barefoots. ???? ”