We are ending the production of hemp clothing


We are sad to announce that we have decided to discontinue the production of our hemp clothing. As much as we love our sustainable slow fashion clothing, we have unfortunately encountered production difficulties and low customer interest. This decision was not easy for us, but we simply have to adapt to changing trends and market preferences.

Clothing made from a hemp and cotton blend was one way for us to offer an eco-friendly and sustainable clothing option, as well as a manifestation of our passion for innovation. And we have also always stuck to our principles, which include:

  • Manufacturing with high quality and sustainable materials.
  • Sewn in the Czech Republic.
  • Dyeing with environmentally friendly dyes in accordance with the European Union's REACH regulation on chemicals.
  • The result is 100% vegan sustainable clothing with "PETA Approved Vegan" certification. 

We are simply not going to back down from them. Even though the market is pushing us into manufacturing in Asia, for example, where there is, of course, a complicated situation regarding local factories, both in terms of working conditions and the low quality of the products produced.

So we are currently focusing purely on the production of our barefoot shoes, which are meeting with a great response not only in the Czech Republic but also worldwide, which we are very pleased about.

Anyway - never say never, so we do not rule out that we may return to the production of hemp clothing in the future. But at the moment we have one last chance for you to buy it with a 30 % DISCOUNT.

This discount is valid on all:


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Your Bohempia... thank you for your understanding and support....