Happy feet in barefoots? Only with the right socks

The advantages of barefoot shoes are quite well known. Thanks to the round shape of the toe, which mimics the natural shape of the foot, and the thin sole, they allow our feet to move as if we were barefoot. But what about the socks we wear them in? Does t
heir cut and material matter? You bet it does!   

We don't wear barefoot socks much in the summer, but the rest of the year we'd be a bit cold without them. And just like shoes, socks have an important effect on our feet. So if you wear traditional socks, you may limit the proper position and movement of your toes, barefoot shoes do not.  

What socks NOT to wear in barefoot shoes  

Simply those that are too short, too tight, too snug. Such socks constrict the toes and constrict the foot just like inappropriate shoes, and hinder natural movement. Even if you put on socks made of highly elastic materials that can stretch, the toes will always be in a position in the sock where they do not have to exert any energy to hold the position. What does this mean? They will be squashed in the sock, literally like sardines in a can. 

Also avoid socks made of man-made fibres (e.g. polyester). They make your feet sweat more, so they can irritate your skin and put you at risk of developing mycoses. The material of barefoot shoes is also important to consider in this respect. Read more about this in our article Why it's important to wear hemp canvas barefoot shoes.  


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What socks to wear in barefoot shoes  

The right solution is to wear socks that are wide enough to allow the toes to spread nicely. This means socks that follow the natural shape of the foot. And because feet tend to swell a bit during the day, proper socks will help your feet adapt to these changes and keep them comfortable from dawn to dusk.  


Some basic barefoot socks advice  

When buying

  • Choose the right size, and choose larger socks instead, in which your toes will be in a natural position without the need to stretch the sock.   
  • Go for thin socks that won't take up too much space in the shoe.   
  • The upper part of the socks should be flexible so as not to hinder natural movement and proper blood circulation.  
  • The material of the socks is important for breathability. Hemp socks, for example, are great in this respect, as they not only have environmental benefits but are also durable, long-lasting, comfortable, and have the ability to wick away moisture and regulate temperature. This makes your feet feel comfortable and you don't have to worry about unwanted odours.  

After washing

  • Stretch the socks nicely in the toe area.  

When putting them on

  • Make sure that the sock does not shift on the foot and fits properly.  


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Proper and high-quality socks are simply an integral part of barefoot wear. Only with them will you enjoy adequate comfort, freedom and all the benefits of barefoot walking. What's more, you can also use them to brighten up your outfit.