Bohempia and the environment: What have we achieved in 6 years?

Hemp is an ecological option with a wide range of benefits. Thanks to hemp products, we have been helping the environment together for more than 6 years. Do you ask what exactly we do for our planet? 



Together, we saved a total of 17,000,000 liters of water so far.  

In terms of water consumption, hemp fabric is one of the most water-friendly natural materials. To give you a better idea: It takes 50 % less water to produce a hemp T-shirt than a cotton T-shirt! And it isn't only for the production but also for the cultivation. Hemp doesn't need to be additionally watered compared to other plants and grows only thanks to rainwater.

By buying our hemp products over the last 6 years and choosing a Bohempia T-shirt, sweatshirt or sneakers as an alternative to cotton, you have helped the textile industry save 17 million liters of water so far. Each hemp t-shirt needs up to 800 liters less water, a sweatshirt up to 1600 and shoes 1000 liters of water to produce. Thank you for being with us so far. ☺️


  • Two t-shirts = 1 tonne of CO2 saved
  • One pair of shoes = 2 tons of CO2 saved

We started accepting an alternative payment method – CO2IN – which directly buys European emission allowance. So you can save a lot of CO2 by paying by CO2IN. Check the official website for more info.  

When you pay via CO2IN, you will save up to 1 ton of carbon dioxide for 2 hemp T-shirts and up to 2 tons for one pair of hemp shoes.

A usual car produces 4 tons of CO2 in a year. If you want to erase this amount of carbon footprint, you can buy two pairs of shoes via CO2IN and you are (figuratively speaking) good to go.

In addition, hemp has a well-developed "carbon mining" ability, which is the plant's ability to extract CO2 from the air. For 2 tons of harvested hemp, up to 3.2 tons of CO2 is "mined" from the atmosphere, which is close to the average amount of CO2 produced per car per year. Therefore by supporting hemp products you contribute to reducing your carbon footprint. 


Together we saved 0.5 tons of agrochemicals.  

Hemp is a very fast-growing resilient plant ideal for organic farmers. It is fairly resistant to pests and diseases. Thus, it requires almost no agrochemicals (pesticides and fertilizers) that are commonly used. Compared to cotton hemp needs up to 95 % fewer agrochemicals to grow.   


If we started growing only hemp instead of cotton today, we would save land the size of France.  

Hemp needs 4 times less land to grow than cotton. Thus, we get 4 times more fiber from the same area of hemp planted than if we grew cotton there.  

In addition, hemp absorbs toxic metals, improves the soil quality and overall helps to increase soil fertility. And because hemp is so easy to grow, we can plant it in many more countries than very demanding cotton and other crops.  


All above are the reasons why we fully believe in hemp and strive to spread awareness about hemp further.  

Let's #hemptheworld and take a step towards a healthier environment. ❤️


*all figures are calculated in comparison to cotton  

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Hemp has many advantages over the most commonly used natural material, cotton: 

  • Needs 75% less water to grow than cotton. 
  • Requires 95% fewer agrochemicals than cotton. 
  • Unlike cotton, it is not damaging to soil, on the contrary it improves its quality. 
  • Needs less land to grow, its yield is  4x higher in comparison to cotton.