Shoe Deo 150ml

Do you wear your favourite shoes intensively? Then you will learn to love the hygienic effect of the shoe deo. After a long day on your feet or after a Zumba lesson in the gym, unpleasant smells in your shoes are completely natural. The pedag Shoe Deo is the beauty secret for fresh shoes. Simply sprayed into the shoe, it neutralizes odors and refreshes with a subtle lime scent.

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Shoe Deo 150ml

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It is best to use immediately after wearing and the next morning the shoes are fresh again and ready for leisure or work. The shoe deodorant is a pump spray, so there are no propellants. It is suitable for all types of shoes. Made in Germany.


  • pump deo spray for all materials
  • neutralizes shoe odor
  • subtle lime scent
  • for all shoes and bags