Natural Protector 220ml

The environmentally friendly waterproofer provides lasting and effective protection for all materials. The waterproofer of the pedag eco-friendly shoe care generation provides effective protection with a 3D molecular structure: millions of tiny molecules are placed around each individual fibre and form an invisible protective film that protects all materials from moisture, stains and dirt.

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Natural Protector 220ml

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  • waterproofing pump spray for all materials 
  • effectively protects from moisture, dirt and stains 
  • can be used indoors 
  • solvent-free, odorless, water-based 
  • 100 % PFC-free 
  • 98% biodegradable 
  • made in Germany



Application: Ensure that the surface is clean - product can be worked into the still wet material. Shake the bottle and spray the waterproofer from approx. 15 cm evenly onto the entire surface until it has become damp. Now massage in thoroughly with a a soft cloth so that the active ingredient can penetrate deeply into the material. For particularly good results, repeat application two to three times, wait 10 minutes before each application. Finally, wait another 10 minutes, then remove any excess impregnator to avoid color differences after drying. Allow to dry at room temperature for 24 hours.