Another year = Another chance to get better!

We have a long year ahead of us where we will again be working tirelessly to make the fashion industry a better place, with your help. We came up with some resolutions that we will take in small steps in order to make a big difference. Here’s what they are; 

We promise that in 2022... 

  1. We will continue to raise awareness of the benefits of hemp in the fashion industry and produce sustainable local products from it. 
  2. We will only offer sustainable and environmentally friendly products for those who want to minimize their impact on the environment. 
  3. We will be there for you, our customers. You can write to us and ask us questions, or tell us your opinion and we will be happy to listen to you and answer everything to the best of our ability. 
  4. We will offer support for healthy lifestyles, which is represented not only by a wide range of barefoot shoes, but also through all of the other products we offer. These are made of materials that can often relieve or help some of your personal issues. For example, we have antimicrobial clothing, CBD drops, and soaps with hemp oil. 
  5. We will honor quality, and use minimalistic design. We believe that classic cuts are not subject to fast-fashion trends. Our clothes will be in fashion in 1 year, 10 years, and beyond. Our clothes have the unique ability to be wear to tear. 

In short, we promise you, we promise the earth, and we promise ourselves, that we will adhere to our principles of honest practices and fair trading in this next year, just as we have thus far. 

We are looking forward to another year together, 

Team Bohempia